Our Favourite Mediterranean Islands

It’s that time of year again. Sydney has become grey and dreary, so why not jet off to the Northern Hemisphere for a few weeks? I don’t know if it’s the food, the culture, or the sunshine, but something about the Mediterranean has us packing our bags, year after year.

We’ve picked our favourite island choices for your Winter 2016 getaway.

Formentara, Spain

Just a stone throw away from Ibiza, Formentara boasts transparent waters and less crowds than its busy neighbor.

Spinalonga, Crete, Greece

This gem of an island is known for its ruins and spectacular views.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is famous for its “Beehive” architecture from the Bronze Age. The island has dazzling beaches with rugged terrain that is popular for hiking.

Cavallo, France

Cavallo is one of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets. There are no cars on this island and only one hotel!

Corsica, France

One of the most picturesque destinations in Europe.


Malta is home to numerous fortresses and known for its burial chambers. This island is packed with historical sites and spectacular beaches.

Hvar, Croatia

Rich in culture and history, Hvar is also a hotspot for yachting and sailing.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is known for it’s vibrant nightlife without the crowd of Ibiza.

Mykonos, Greece

The food, the nightlife, the aqua coloured water. There’s nothing this island is lacking.

Capri, Italy

Just off the Amalfi Coast, Capri is famous for its upscale beach resorts and limoncello liqueur. Take a boat to the Blue Grotto, where the sea glows in a deep electric blue.

Lastly, Ibiza, Spain

We just couldn’t leave Ibiza off the list! Just a short 30 minute flight from Barcelona, Ibiza has become world renowned for its party scene and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Med.

Stay tuned for our blog on what to pack!

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