Student Styling Job Opportunity


Job Summary

Fashion Spree is Sydney’s newest Factory Outlet Centre and is home to a fantastic range of local fashion brands. The centre has 5 Visual Merchandising (VM) Pods around the centre, and each are changed monthly to reflect a particular theme, e.g. Spring Racing, Winter Neutrals, Father’s Day, etc.

To date, the displays are created by the in-house marketing team however we would love to collaborate with local fashion and/or styling students/new graduates, to lift the quality of the displays, and support local students by providing them with paid opportunities as they hone their craft.

Job Description

The job would entail the contracted student stylist or fashion student spending a day at Fashion Spree once a month, visiting stores to see what items they have which fit the brief, and creating displays in the 5 pods. A helper would be provided to assist with the actual dressing of the mannequins. The styling and changeover usually takes around 4-5 hours.

The pay scale would be dependent on the experience of the student or new graduate. Please contact us for information on pay.

A small props budget ($100 per month) would be available to create particular theming ideas.

Pre-requisites and Skills

- You have a passion for fashion and can create visually inspiring displays that will grab the customer's eye
- Are up to date with the latest key trends in fashion
- Excellent attention to detail
- Some knowledge and understanding of visual merchandising principles
- The student must be covered under Public Liability Insurance

Does this sound like the perfect role for you?

Please send your student details and any examples of any styling work to Felicity, Senior Marketing Manager:

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