The Ultimate Shopping Spree

"Life's short.
Buy the shoes.
And the bag.
And the whole entire store."

And that's the right attitude our lovely winner, Amanda, and her partner, Kevin, went in with when they won a $1,000 shopping spree EACH at Fashion Spree (in collaboration with 2DayFM).

With over 50 retailers at Fashion Spree, offering up to 70% off, it can sometimes be difficult navigating through the sea of sales - so, we had the very highly experienced stylist, Rachel Redhouse, steer the ship to help our mates out; offering a treasure trove of style and colour advice during the course of their shop.

See some photos of their shop below and the damage done on the first night! Can you believe they still have 2/3 left on their Fashion Spree gift cards?!


With the rising #SydneyRent prices, we flock to bargain finds like a seagull to hot chips (with lots of chicken salt, please)!

So, get down to Fashion Spree today to make these bargains your beach 😉